Sony 85mm Gm Ii

by Mary Ann Briones
SONY 85MM GM II: Professional portrait lens with stunning bokeh capabilities

The Sony 85mm GM II is the latest addition to Sony’s impressive lineup of high-quality lenses. With its enhanced design and features, this lens has been eagerly anticipated by professional and amateur photographers alike. In this article, we will explore the key features and specifications of the Sony 85mm GM II, compare it to its predecessor, showcase sample images taken with this lens, provide tips for maximizing its potential, and discuss its pricing and availability.

The Sony 85mm GM II is designed to deliver stunning image quality and exceptional performance, making it a valuable tool for portrait photography, weddings, events, and more. This second-generation model promises improvements over the original 85mm GM lens, setting higher standards for optical performance, autofocus speed, durability, and overall user experience.

Photographers can expect superb sharpness, beautiful bokeh, and precise focusing capabilities with the Sony 85mm GM II. Its advanced features are tailored to meet the demands of professional photographers while remaining accessible to enthusiasts looking to elevate their photography.

In the following sections of this article, we will delve into the specifics of what sets this lens apart from its predecessor and how it performs in real-world scenarios. Whether you are considering investing in this lens or eager to learn more about its capabilities, our comprehensive guide aims to provide valuable insights into the Sony 85mm GM II.

Key Features and Specifications of the Sony 85mm GM II

The Sony 85mm GM II is a highly anticipated addition to the Sony lens lineup, promising improved performance and image quality. Here are some of the key features and specifications that make the Sony 85mm GM II stand out from its predecessor and other similar lenses on the market:

Key Features

  • Improved optical design for enhanced sharpness and clarity
  • Fast and accurate autofocus system, perfect for capturing moving subjects
  • Advanced weather-sealing to protect against dust and moisture
  • Professional build quality with a focus on durability and reliability


  1. Focal Length: 85mm
  2. Maximum Aperture: f/1.4
  3. Minimum Focus Distance: 2.79 ft (0.85m)
  4. Weight: 28.92 oz (820g)

One of the most significant improvements with the Sony 85mm GM II is its enhanced optical design, featuring new lens elements that deliver exceptional sharpness and contrast throughout the aperture range. This makes it an ideal choice for portrait photography, where capturing fine details and smooth bokeh is essential.

In terms of autofocus performance, the Sony 85mm GM II has been upgraded with a faster and more precise system, making it incredibly reliable for capturing fast-moving subjects or shooting in low-light conditions. Whether you’re shooting portraits, events, or even video, the Sony 85mm GM II’s autofocus capabilities are sure to impress even the most discerning photographers and videographers.

Overall, the Sony 85mm GM II represents a significant leap forward in terms of optical quality, autofocus performance, and build quality compared to its predecessor. Its combination of advanced features and specifications makes it an attractive option for professionals and enthusiasts looking for a high-quality prime lens for their Sony Alpha mirrorless camera system.

Comparison With the Previous Model

When comparing the Sony 85mm GM II to its predecessor, the Sony 85mm GM I, there are several key differences and improvements to take note of. The Sony 85mm GM II is an upgraded version of the original lens, with enhancements that cater to the evolving needs of professional photographers.

Optical Performance

One significant difference between the two models is the improved optical performance of the Sony 85mm GM II. With updated optical elements and coatings, the second-generation lens delivers sharper images with better contrast and minimal distortion. This improvement is particularly noticeable when shooting wide open or at larger apertures.

Build Quality and Design

In terms of build quality and design, the Sony 85mm GM II features a more robust construction with weather sealing, making it better equipped to withstand challenging shooting conditions. Additionally, the overall size and weight of the lens have been optimized for greater balance and handling on Sony Alpha camera bodies.

Autofocus Speed and Accuracy

The autofocus system of the Sony 85mm GM II has also seen enhancements in comparison to its predecessor. The newer model boasts faster and more accurate autofocus capabilities, ensuring that photographers can capture their subjects with precision and ease. This is particularly beneficial for capturing fast-moving subjects or shooting in low-light environments.

Overall, while both lenses offer exceptional image quality and performance, the Sony 85mm GM II stands out as a worthy upgrade with its improved optical performance, build quality, design, and autofocus capabilities. As a result, photographers can expect an enhanced shooting experience when using the Sony 85mm GM II for various photography genres such as portraiture, wedding photography, events, and more.

Sample Images and Photography With the Sony 85mm GM II

The Sony 85mm GM II is a favorite lens among portrait photographers due to its exceptional optical quality and stunning bokeh. With a wide maximum aperture of f/1.4, this lens excels in low-light conditions and provides beautiful background blur for a professional look. The Sony 85mm GM II is also equipped with advanced autofocus capabilities, making it an ideal choice for capturing fast-moving subjects with precision.

SONY 85MM GM II: High-performance prime lens for exceptional image quality

One of the key features of the Sony 85mm GM II is its outstanding sharpness and clarity, even when shooting wide open at f/1.4. This makes it perfect for capturing fine details and textures in portrait photography, resulting in stunning images with lifelike rendering. Additionally, the lens’s nine-blade circular aperture creates smooth, natural-looking bokeh that enhances the overall aesthetic of the photos.

When compared to its predecessor, the Sony 85mm GM I, the second-generation model boasts improved optical performance and a more compact design. The updated construction of the lens reduces chromatic aberrations and ensures edge-to-edge sharpness, even at wider apertures. Photographers will appreciate these enhancements when shooting with the Sony 85mm GM II, as they contribute to delivering exceptional image quality.

Sony’s commitment to innovation and excellence is evident in the design and performance of the Sony 85mm GM II. Whether capturing captivating portraits or compelling lifestyle photography, this lens delivers outstanding results that meet the high standards of professional photographers. For those looking for a premium prime lens that offers superior optical quality and versatile performance, investing in the Sony 85mm GM II is certainly worthwhile.

Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most Out of the Sony 85mm GM II

Since its release, the Sony 85mm GM II has been praised for its outstanding image quality and impressive performance. Here are some tips and tricks for getting the most out of this exceptional lens.

One of the key features of the Sony 85mm GM II is its fast and accurate autofocus system. To maximize the potential of this lens, take advantage of the Eye AF feature when shooting portraits. This will ensure that your subject’s eyes are always in focus, resulting in stunning and captivating images.

Another tip for using the Sony 85mm GM II is to experiment with different apertures to achieve varying depth of field effects. By shooting at wider apertures such as f/1.4, you can create beautifully blurred backgrounds that make your subject stand out. On the other hand, smaller apertures like f/8 can be used for landscape or street photography to capture more detail in the scene.

Additionally, utilizing the lens’ advanced optical design is crucial for achieving sharpness and clarity in your photos. The Sony 85mm GM II is equipped with ED and Super ED glass elements, reducing chromatic aberrations and ensuring high resolution throughout the frame. Be sure to take advantage of these features by paying attention to your composition and focusing techniques.

Overall, by understanding and implementing these tips and tricks, photographers can fully explore the capabilities of the Sony 85mm GM II and capture breathtaking images with exceptional sharpness and detail.

Tips & Tricks Description
Utilize Eye AF feature Maximize subject’s eye focus
Experiment with different apertures Create varying depth of field effects
Utilize advanced optical design Achieve maximum sharpness and clarity

Pricing and Availability of the Sony 85mm GM II

When it comes to pricing and availability, the Sony 85mm GM II is positioned as a premium lens offering by the renowned company Sony. With its top of the line specifications and features, this lens is not only highly anticipated but also comes with a substantial price tag. The Sony 85mm GM II is expected to be available for purchase at select retailers and online stores, with a price point that reflects its high-end status in the market.

The pricing of the Sony 85mm GM II places it at the upper end of the spectrum for lenses in its category. This is justified by the exceptional quality of images it can produce, as well as its professional-grade build and construction. While some photographers may find the cost to be on the higher side, those who are serious about their craft and demand top-notch performance from their equipment will see it as a worthwhile investment.

As for availability, there has been much anticipation surrounding the release of the Sony 85mm GM II. Given its popularity among photography enthusiasts and professionals alike, there may be initial constraints on supply due to high demand.

However, Sony has assured potential buyers that efforts are being made to ensure widespread availability of this highly sought-after lens. It is recommended to stay updated through official channels for information on when and where the Sony 85mm GM II will be available for purchase.


In conclusion, the Sony 85mm GM II is undeniably a game-changer in the world of photography. With its impressive features and specifications, such as the improved autofocus system, exceptional image quality, and stunning bokeh effect, this lens is a must-have for professional photographers and enthusiasts alike. The comparison with the previous model, Sony 85mm GM I, clearly illustrates the advancements and enhancements that have been made in the newer version.

The sample images and photography taken with the Sony 85mm GM II speak for themselves, showcasing the incredible sharpness and clarity that this lens can deliver. Whether capturing portraits, landscapes, or any other subject matter, this lens consistently produces outstanding results. Additionally, the tips and tricks provided for maximizing the potential of the Sony 85mm GM II offer valuable insight for getting the most out of this exceptional piece of equipment.

While pricing may be a concern for some individuals, it is important to consider the investment value of the Sony 85mm GM II. When weighing its capabilities and performance against its cost, it becomes evident that this lens is well worth its price tag. The Sony 85mm GM II sets a new standard for prime lenses and is sure to elevate any photographer’s work to new heights.

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